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Server Management

The Diffentiator

Fully Managed Services

Top to bottom management includes everything you need to succeed online. No fluff just value!

Reachable & Available

We're reachable over the phone, WhatApp, Skype, SMS, and email; you name it!

Advanced Management

We are bold. We go above and beyond. A management service that is not confined.

Unmatched Flexiblity

Your services are provisoned exactly how and when you need them. We go above and beyond!

Managed Security

Our security procedures are second to none. We remedy the root cause and not the symptoms.

All Stacks

We assist with all stacks including custom ones. Our methodology has sound foundation.


$ 80 /mo
$ 70 /mo
$ 65 /mo
frequently asked questions

questions? We've got answers!


Is a Control Panel like cPanel or Plesk Required?

No, it isn't required. As a matter of fact, we don't limit the kind of Linux operating system or software ecosystem we support. We also support a broad range of control panels like Webmin/Virtualmin, ISPConfig, DirectAdmin, etc.

Can You Install An Operating System of My Choosing On Bare Metal or VPS?

A walk in the park! We can provision servers with or without RAID (software and controller based) as long as you have access to a KVMoIP device, which your data center can provide you with.

How Many Requests Can I Enter At Once?

No limit whatsoever! Feed me Seymour!

Are There Any Hidden Fees Or Extra Charges?

There are no extra charges or hidden fees beyond your monthly plan cost, which we advertize on this page.

I Am Facing An Issue Across My Three-Server Cluster. Do I Need A Separate Plan For Each Server?

No, one plan is plenty enough. If you, however, find the need for us to work on multiple simultaneous and disparate ssues, then it might be time to sign up for an additional plan. Otherwise, it isn't necessary

I need Linux recovered or installed using KVMoIP. Can you help?

Of course! We've had people reach out because their server wouldn't boot, spewing kernel panics with some serious file system issues. Or even just wanting a new OS installed and done right including Linux RAID and LVM. That's a go!

I only need help with one task. Do you non-subscription based plans?

Contact us and we'll work out the details.

Do You Take Crypto? What About Paypal?

Yes, we take Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum (and others). We also accept Paypal and credit cards. Do reach out to us if you have further questions on this.

Do you offer free trials?

We don't offer free trials at the moment. But if you need reassurance that your task is completed to your satisfaction, we can discuss this further. Contact us before you sign up. We'll work on a plan of action and conditions for a full refund.

Do you provide full refunds?

If we are unable to resolve an issue to your satisfaction after we're given a chance to address it, we will apply a full refund for the month in question.

I have many servers. Do I need a plan for each server?

A plan is independent of the number of servers you want help with. Think of multiple plans as the ability to multi-task on simultaneous requests. The more plans the more requests that can be handled at once.

I cannot afford your management services right now. I need help!

We understand there can be rough times. If you can't afford the service today, we'll see what we can do to help. Get in touch!

I Have A Hard Time Entrusting Strangers With My Server's Root Access. Can You Help?

We try to be as accommodating as humanly possible. We go to great lengths to make sure you're comfortable with us working on your server. That includes having us sign a non-disclosure agreement, or accessing your server via your workstation's TeamViewer or AnyDesk session (or similar remote desktop software), or even meeting us in-person, face to face at our office here in Houston Texas!

Can I Add My Staff To Your Support System So They Too Can Submit Requests?

Yes, absolutely!

I Need To Speak To Someone Instead Of Submitting A Ticket Online. Is That Possible?

Sure can do! Request a callback and we'll call you right away! We have other means to communicate including Skype, WhatsApp, and SMS.

I Need You To Sign An NDA Before We Can Start Discussing the Work. Do You Agree On Principal?

We take our work very seriously with regards to our customer's confidentiality. Non-disclosure is implied in any work we do on behalf of our customres. Though should you find the need for us to sign an NDA, we'd be more than happy to do so.

Do You Provide Support for AWS, GCP, Heroku, DigitalOcean, Azure, etc?

We support all Linux and UNIX based platforms. If it's accessible (out-of-band or in-band), we can definitely do!

How many Docker, Varnish, and Redis plugin licenses do you offer for free?

It's a maximum of one free license per plan per plugin. So if you sign up for one plan, it's two Docker plugin licenses, two Varnish plugin licenses, and two Redis plugin licenses that are available to you.

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