Why does UNIXy have so many positive reviews? Where are the negative reviews?

We are so proud of the overwhelmingly-positive reviews we have received over the years. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all clients for their effort to provide us with feedback and review their service with us. If you are a current customer and are thinking of reviewing your service, please do share your review with us. Your feedback makes substantial difference.

One thing is certain, the mojo is definitely on our side. we've adopted a somewhat catchy tag line in our publicity efforts: UNIXy has not received a single negative review in more than 5 years! How can a business go for years without dropping the ball at least once? For the skeptics, and you have every right to doubt random postings on the Internet, it's very easy to spot fake reviews. Some folks have developed good flair for debunking such unscrupulous individuals or organizations that stain the Internet with fake reviews.

In our case, and this is the main difference, we are emphasizing the fact that UNIXY has NOT received a single negative review in more than 3 years. It is one thing to fake reviews but to not receive any negative review is a genuine proof that we work hard to please and keep our clients.

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