Is a control panel required to host my Website?

No, it is NOT required here at UNIXy. cPanel nor DirectAdmin nor Plesk is required for us to host your Website. We manage the server for you so you can take full advantage of your server resources and save. Here are some advantages of not running a control panel:

  • Less bloat. There are so many undeeded bits and pieces that control panels install for no reason!
  • Savings. Control panels cost a lot of money! Money you could spend to develop your business!
  • Full control. Automatic transmission is rather convenient but a manual gives you more control and speed.
  • There are so many more reasons not to run a control panel. You aready know a few more if you're reading this...

But there are times when a control panel is required. It would be inconvenient to manage several Websites off of the command line. For this, we offer a free control panel with minimal memory and CPU requirements. It's free and is fully customizable!

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