Change the Nginx header

This KB article applies to the Varnish Nginx plugin only. This article assumes you haven't installed the plugin yet.

1. Download the plugin tarball file

2. Unpack it (tar -xzf)

3. Unpack the Nginx installer tarball (located inside the Varnish installer directory: tar -xzf cpnginx.tar.gz)

4. Navigate to the cpnginx directory that was unpacked in step 3 (cd cpnginx)

5. unpack the Nginx source tarball (tar -xzf)

6. Edit the source file inside the Nginx source directory src/http/ngx_http_header_filter_module.c then search for the line with the string "Advanced Hosting" and change it

7. Remove the cpnginx.tar.gz file

8. Re-pack the Nginx installer folder: tar -cf cpnginx.tar cpnginx && gzip cpnginx.tar # answer yes to any overwrite request

9. Run the python installvarnishnginx command

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