How powerful are these dedicated servers?

The ARM-based servers are priced reasonably well. Not only do they sport a quad core CPU and DDR3 RAM but they also come with an eSSD drive. It's not all. They're pre-equipped with Nginx (or Apache) and Varnish. Nonetheless it's important to set expectations especially when it is your hard earned money that is at stake.

We start off with reasons why you should NOT get an ARM-based server:

  • You have a CPU intensive application
  • You have a memory hungry application
  • You need a large HDD

Here are a few reasons why you'd want to get one or more of these servers and/or some practical applications:

  • Dedicated resources access (no neighbors sharing disk IO, memory bandwidth, or CPU). It's yours and yours to keep.
  • Full hardware isolation (no frail virtualization layer to worry about)
  • Managed servers by UNIXy's Stellar Service
  • Affordable managed server to run 
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