UNIXy Clients: how to request and get help

UNIXy clients are customers who are subscribed to a hosting service like a dedicated server, virtual machine, or cluster. Software subscribers (Varnish, Nginx, etc) please refer to this KB article for instructions.

There are two ways to reach us:

By sending an email to the support queue

While this is the most convenient method of communication for our clients, make sure the email address you're using to send the request is registered with us and is on-file in your account. Generally the email address you signed up with is enabled and can send requests to the support queue right away. The email address to send requests to is: support@unixy.net

By entering a request in our ticketing system

Head out to https://www.unixy.net/secure/clientarea.php then login with the email address and password you signed up and from the top menu, select Open Ticket.
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