What is this End User Features?


This blog entry discusses the feature set that have been introduced in version 1.8.0 of the cPanel Varnish Plugin. But in short, the cPanel Varnish Plugin is no longer just a "WHM" plugin, it's now going beyond the WHM realm. Your very end users are now empowered to manage the caching of their own websites. They can adjust, purge, and disable Varnish caching at wil without impact on your server. More end user features will be introduced soon so stay tuned!

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How do I enable the End User Feature?

By default the End User Features is disabled. However, you can enable it with one click. Due to...

How can cPanel users access the Varnish control screen?

Once you enable the End User Features via WHM, your cPanel users' page will show the Varnish...

Pre-requisites / Requirements to run the EUF

1) Be sure to have the cPanel Remote Access Key generated (if it isn't already). This is needed...

Does Varnish restart every time a user adjusts their cache?

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How much does the End User Features cost?

The EUF is currently bundled with the main plugin license. So it doesn't cost you extra.