I've signed up and added a server. Now what?

NB: If you haven't added a server, be sure to do so before you continue reading this article.

Now that you have activated your account, added a server, and are ready to take full advantage of the firewall unblock functionality, go ahead and open an SSH session to your server as root. Once you're logged in as root, head out to the unixy unblock website and make note of your user key (located in User Info) and your server key.

Automated installation:

1) From SSH, run this command replacing user_key and server_key with your own (see above):
 /usr/bin/wget -O - http://unblock.unixy.net/static/code/autosetup.py|python - user_key server_key
2) You're done

Manual Installation (not recommended): 

1) From SSH, run: cd /root && wget http://unblock.unixy.net/static/code/unblock.unixy.net.py


2) Using a text editor (like vi or pico), open file /etc/cron.d/unblock.unixy.net


3) Copy/paste the text in between pound signs








* * * * * root /root/unblock.unixy.net.py &> /dev/null
4) Run: chmod +x /root/unblock.unixy.net.py

5) Edit file /root/unblock.unixy.net.py and set user_key and server_key accordingly values accordingly with your user key and server key respectively.


6) If you're still running CentOS 5 and python 2.4.x, you need to run this command: yum install python-simplejson

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