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Docker for cPanel & WHM

$20 *$15

The Docker plugin for cPanel & WHM opens a new window opportunity for rapid app development and deployment for both casual and advanced cPanel users. End users can compose and deploy simple or custom apps via Docker from the comfort of their cPanel accounts with a couple of clicks.

Who said you had to give up one for the other?

* When paid annually


The Docker for cPanel Plugin brings you Docker and Docker Compose, an extensible app build and ship tool, and unleaches its full potential on cPanel WHM. The plugin automatically installs Docker and Docker Compose, integrates it with your cPanel & WHM server, and secures it so your end users can run their apps without needing privileged or root access nor your day to day support. Resources used by Docker apps are ultimately accountable to the users and are therefore compatible with CloudLinux.


The Docker for cPanel Plugin leverages Docker Compose - a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker apps. With Docker Compose, you define your app(s) and service in a portable YAML file and then start all services with a single command. The Docker for cPanel Plugin leverages Docker Compose to tie your services or apps together, launch them, and maintain their uptime.

Because the Docker daemon requires privileged access to the host system, care must be taken to prevent priviledge escalation from within containers. We achieve this by running containers in their non-priviledged user-bound namespaces (a Linux kernel feature). Namespacing also has the advantage of binding processes and their resource usage back to the cPanel user, which is needed for proper accounting.

Quick Glance

cPanel Compatible

The plugin integrates with both cPanel and WHM. End-users are able to deploy and manage Docker and Docker Compose from the cPanel GUI.

End User Features

cPanel users can create multiple Docker Compose projects and manage them from cPanel with a few clicks.

Automatic Setup

Docker for cPanel installs everything that's needed including the latest Docker releases for a complete turnkey solution.

cPanel Docker Plans


1 Month
$ 20 /mo

Month to Month

$ 15 /mo

Big Savings

Owned Paid Once
$ 300 paid once

Greater Savings



Control Panel: cPanel WHM 11.60+ w/ Paper Lantern+
Operating System: Red Hat / CentOS / CloudLinux 7+
Boot Option: user_namespace.enable=1
Platform AMD64 / x86 64-bit
Hardware 1-core, 512MB RAM or better