About UNIXy

Thank you very much for visiting our portal. We serve our customers with heart and hope you will take the time to learn about us. Please drop us a line here and tell us what you think. We would love to hear from you.

UNIXy has been managing all aspect of servers and infrastructure on behalf of businesses and entrepreneurs since 2006. We offer fully managed server and hosting solutions. We pride ourselves in the work and effort we put in keeping your servers available and secure. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our stellar support and the fully managed service. Our locations include Los Angeles, Houston, and The Netherlands in Europe.

Our support crew is very friendly and helpful. We are human beings helping human beings achieve their goal. We believe that going the extra mile, humanizing support, and treating our customers with care goes a long way towards reaching that goal. Our smallest plan offerings have plenty of resources to empower strong business growth. We would rather offer a fully managed service across the board by default than put a hefty price on it. We cringe at the thought of offering non-managed servers to customers.

Being a business infrastructure provider, we have set the bar higher than any firm in the market. We are not contractually tied to any facility, vendor, or carrier. We choose and select the most qualified vendors and facilities that exist. We are swift at adapting to market changes.

At UNIXy, we are exceptionally uptime-conscious. Our bandwidth packages are made up of a mix of premium bandwidth providers to ensure redundancy. We have engineered high-availability solutions from the ground up and offer them at no charge to our customers. Purchase two of the major, on-display dedicated server products and we'll configure our resilient cross-datacenter cPanel failover package for free!

Server-Grade Hardware
World-Class Facilities
Experienced Technical Crew
Fully Managed Servers
Unlimited Support Requests
Professional Content Migration
We Are The Only Fully Managed Provider
We Support All Third-Party Applications
Friendly Support Crew
All Techs Are Blackberry-Enabled
Highest Sense of Urgency on All Requests
We are very satisfied with the service and help provided. Response from support is quick and excellent!
-- Predrag N.
They went above and beyond what I expected of a managed service. The service you get is more than worth it.
-- Ryan H.