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Managed Dedicated Servers

All-Inclusive Full Server Management!

  • UNIXy® Truly Fully Managed
  • Full Root access
  • UNIXy® Stellar Support
  • Includes Free Control Panel
Truly Fully Managed

Our Pricing

Intel® Quad-Core Xeon®
$ 120 /mo

For Several Wesites & Apps

Intel® 8-core Xeon®
$ 210 /mo

Performance for High Traffic Sites

Intel® DP 16-core Xeon®
$ 350 /mo

Ready for Virtualization & Consolidation



Managed Servers Features

Control Panel

We support a wide range of control panels or none for that matter!

Failover & High Availability

Advanced hosting solutions are available and are fully supported by UNIXy.

Auto-Scaling & Flexibility

Don't like any of these plans? Hit us up and we'll custom-build it for you.


Start your server on the right foot with a secure base and build it up from there.

Global Outreach

Provision your servers in the US (East & West), EU, Asia, and more.

Monitored 24/7

We monitor everything from connectivity, to server health, down to your services health.

frequently asked

question & answers!

All servers are monitored, managed, updated & patched, secured, and cared for by us. We not only help with the day to day management of your server(s) and address any issues that may arise, we are actively looking out for your server to prevent critical issues from affecting your server's health and uptime.
We offer a truly fully managed experience with our dedicated server plans. We help our clients consolidate their network of virtual machines under one roof but across several data centers around the world. We support several virtualization and containerization technologies including but not limited to KVM, Xen, VMWare, LXC, OpenVZ, Docker, and Kubernetes.
We do not restrict your ability to install any software. In fact, we are available 24/7 to enable your business and so we install and configure the software you need if you ask us.
We can provision one of the many control panels for you or none. It is completely up to you!
Absolutely, sure can do! In fact, we migrate your website and content for you so the switch is uneventful and smooth.