Fully Managed Server Promise
Our truly fully managed server offering is unlike anything you have experienced. UNIXY manages your servers and infrastructure without you having to lift a single finger. Our management guarantee follows a simple principle:

If you cannot accomplish a task with a few mouse clicks, we shall complete the task for you. You just have to ask! It is that simple of a clause yet such a powerful commitment to our clients.

No one in the industry has yet to step up and provide such breadth and depth of service. It is very common for other providers to charge additional hefty fees for certain management tasks even though you were duly promised a managed server. This is not the case with UNIXy. We do not charge extra for server management. Not on our watch! What does our full server management include?
We happily manage your server. No question asked.
We support ALL third party scripts. No exception.
There is no support request limit. None.
Management includes everything needed to run your server. Yes, everything!
We provide 100% uptime on hardware AND network!

Even though we do have a comprehensive management service, it would be helpful for us to list some of these services. But this list is by no means exhaustive!
Hands-off Migration & Transfers
Server Optimization
Performance Optimization
Security Tightening
Scripts Debugging
On-Demand Shell Scripts
Custom Varnish VCL Programming*
Script Bug Fixing
Software Development Consultation
Server Software Patching
Third Party Software Support
Unlimited Server Support Tickets
SQL Query Improvement
HTTP Optimization
MySQL Optimization
Slashdot-like Effect Mitigation
Script Reverse Engineering
Complimentary Temporary Upgrades*

Best of all, the truly managed service is already priced in our store plans. We can either supplement your IT personnel or we take the ball and run with it! Please do let us know if you have any question or comment. We are always happy to listen and assist. You can get in touch by filling out a simple contact form here.

In the mean time, feel free to browse around our portal:

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers: http://www.unixy.net/dedicated-servers
Fully Managed Advanced Hosting: http://www.unixy.net/advanced-hosting
Fully Managed Clusters: http://www.unixy.net/advanced-hosting/clustering
All custom software configurations are supported.
Fully managed servers. A control panel is not required.
24/7/365+1 technical support. Highly experienced Linux techs.
Dedicated network port and bandwidth. Ports include high burst ability.
Custom hardware configurations available!

We are very satisfied with the service and help provided. Response from support is quick and excellent!
-- Predrag
I have someone 24hrs a day with a blackberry ready to help my team. Their response time is impressive.
-- Francisco M.