Fully Managed Advanced Hosting
UNIXy offers a myriad of advanced configurations geared towards high-traffic portals that need to scale beyond single-dedicated servers or need to attain a higher level of redundancy. Think of any one of these configurations as your own private dedicated mini-cloud built to solve a business challenge. These private mini-clouds are fully managed by us. Our cloud engineers manage capacity growth and back-end systems. Naturally, and most importantly, your focus becomes your business.

Our advanced solutions are built to scale up and can grow on-demand. Task or processing nodes can be added on-the-fly without disrupting the live production environment. Our Advanced Hosting services include a combination of Load Balancing, Failover, and clustering. Because no business challenge is the same, we invite you to tell us about your problem space.

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Global Load Balanced Hosting with Auto-Failover
To load balance is to distribute tasks across a population of similarly configured servers. By load balancing, a business is able to handle a larger volume of traffic and serve more visitors. We can build a load balancing configuration per your budget but most importantly one that is capable of achieving your goal. Our load balancers can scale from two virtual servers to several hundred dedicated servers. We complement our load balancers with web accelerators and dedicated content distribution networks (CDN). Our web accelerators and CDNs can be configured to serve a worldwide audience by bringing your content closer to all five continents.

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Private Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our engineers have built and deployed private CDNs for years. Our clients depend on us to help them build their business regardless of the barriers. While there are many CDN offerings, none of them come close to satisfying individual needs and requirements. UNIXY is able to leverage its engineering team, world-wide industry contacts, and know-how to build it and adapt it to your business needs. A private CDN has many advantages. Your pages will load considerably faster than the shared CDN offerings because resources are dedicated to your business only. You get to choose the exact location and placement of the edge node. Locations that public CDN providers cannot and will not venture in for many reasons. Having your own CDN means that you are in control of costs; a pay as you go approach. Grow well beyond the limits of public CDNs.

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Failover Hosting
Failover provides redundancy at the server level. Should one VPS or one server become unavailable for whatever reason, the standby server takes over the responsibility. The transition from active to passive is seamless to visitors and occurs within minutes. The failover mechanism includes both DNS failover, so your domain name is always reachable, and IP failover. This combination of failover technologies guarantee availability. Our offering also includes geo failover, which not only provides redundancy at the server level but also at the network and power grid level. Geographic failover is ideal for businesses that requires the highest level of redundancy.

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Alternative Web Server Setup
There is a variety of alternative Web servers. Because no one size fits all, we deploy the right configuration for the task at hand. But most importantly we make sure to squeeze out every bit of performance out of the hardware while maintaining stability and security. We want to make sure your investment is well spent. We are the only provider to both install and continue to support any Web server configuration. Our roots go deep in technology. We have innovated, pioneered, and improved software with the only goal of getting things done and pleasing our clients. We support any possible configuration there is. From Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Litespeed, Node.js, to Lighttpd.

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Possible Web Server Combinations
Nginx and Varnish
Litespeed and Varnish
Apache and Varnish
Apache and Nginx
Lighttpd and Varnish
Node.js and Varnish
Server Clustering
A cluster is a collection of servers each with a unique function but work in concert towards the same goal. For example, most Web applications are highly dynamic so there is a need for a database, file server, and server-side scripts that run on a Web server. Often, a web accelerator is introduced into the cluster to improve response time on frequently accessed objects. A cluster in itself follows industry good-practices in terms of security, task separtation, and absolute performance. As our customers, you will enjoy the stellar fully managed service by having us manage the cluster for you.

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Supported Cluster Platforms

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